AF Nuclear Weapons Center improves tracking, monitoring of nuclear weapons

  • Published
  • By Maj. P.J. Pelkington
  • STIC Director
The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center has created a worldwide logistics function to monitor activities within the nuclear enterprise, tracking the location and status of all Air Force nuclear weapons and related material.

Brig. Gen. Everett Thomas, AFNWC commander, cut the ribbon Dec. 10 on the Sustainment and Integration Center  at Kirtland Air Force Base.

The unit's role is to oversee, synchronize and integrate all nuclear mission areas, ensuring safe, secure and reliable nuclear weapons systems to support the national command structure and combatant commands, AFNWC officials said.

Col. Kellie Davila-Martinez, the AFNWC Director of Logistics, explained what the unit does.

"The STIC enhances positive inventory control through the steady application of standard supply discipline practices.

We now have a focused, central location to provide continuity and reach-back capabilities for multiple nuclear-related disciplines, such as supply, maintenance, operations and emergency response, across the nuclear enterprise," she said.

General Thomas said the STIC is a new application of a previous organizational structure.

"The Air Force had an equivalent function during the Cold War, but over time, we got away from it. Now, Air Force senior leaders have realized we needed to return to our roots and restore this capability," he said.