Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center celebrated its 15th anniversary on March 31, 2021.
Ground Based Strategic Deterrent, or GBSD, is the next generation ICBM under development. A Megaproject, equivalent to 15 Defense Department programs in scope, design, development, certification and deployment…it will recapitalize or modernize 400 missiles, 450 silos, more than 600 facilities across almost 40,000 square miles of US territory, over 6 states, 3 operational wings and a test location. (Video By Staff Sergeant Franklin Harris)
The work of the military and civilian Airmen of the Air Force Materiel Command impacts the success of the entire United States Air Force mission. From research and development to test, sustainment, life cycle management, nuclear weapons development, installation and mission support and more, AFMC impacts every single U.S. Air Force mission across the globe.
Powering the world's greatest Air Force with an "E," we are Air Force Materiel Command.
Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., Commander, Air Force Materiel Command, welcomes new employees to the command. AFMC delivers war-winning expeditionary capabilities to the warfighter through development and transition of technology, professional acquisition management, exacting test and evaluation, and world-class sustainment of all Air Force weapon systems. (U.S. Air Force video by Ryan Law)
The Air Force Materiel Command powers the world’s greatest Air Force by developing, delivering, supporting, and sustaining war-winning capabilities headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, Jan. 6, 2020. AFMC is comprised of six centers located across eight bases. (U.S. Air Force video by Christopher Decker)
The Air Force Materiel Command Vision: One AFMC--Collaborative, innovative, trusted and empowered...indispensable to our Nation, disruptive to our adversaries.
From lasers to razors the Air Force Materiel Command does its wartime mission every day. Video voiced by Master Sgt. James Mackay.