Focus Areas

The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center provides nuclear-focused acquisition and/or sustainment support to Air Force warfighters. Its major focus areas are on air-delivered capabilities, such as cruise missiles and gravity bombs; intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs); nuclear command-and-control communications (NC3) integration; and nuclear technology and integration areas, including nuclear effects, acquisition intelligence and mission assurance.

Note: The lists below represent some of the larger programs that are currently our acquisition and/or sustainment responsibilities, but they are not the complete portfolios in these areas.


  • Air-Launched Cruise Missile (AGM-86)
  • B61-12 Life Extension Program & Tailkit Assembly
  • Long Range Stand-Off Weapon 
  • Overseas Weapon Storage and Security System
  • Protective Aircraft Shelter Interior Intrusion Detection System
  • Secure Transportable Maintenance System
  • W80-4 Life Extension Program


Minuteman III test launch

Nuclear Command-and-Control Communications

  • Common Very Low Frequency Receiver
  • Family of Advanced Beyond Line-of-Sight Terminals
  • Global Aircrew Strategic Network Terminal
  • NC3 Weapon System (AN/USQ.225)
  • Presidential and National Voice Conferencing


Redwing Cherokee Nuclear Bomb Test
  • Acquisition intelligence
  • Future concepts
  • Mission assurance
  • Nuclear certification & surety
  • Nuclear effects

Air-Delivered Capabiltiy: AGM-86

Global Strike: Our Nation's Shield


The AFNWC Small Business Office is creating innovative solutions for nuclear deterrence by promoting small business set-asides/awards to the maximum extent practicable, encouraging the use of small businesses for subcontracts, and answering small business questions or directing them to where they can get answers: If you are a small business and have questions regarding how the Air Force and AFNWC is responding to the COVID-19 virus and how it could potentially impact upcoming acquisitions or your current contract, please contact the AFNWC Small Business office at