Air Force announces plans for realignment

  • Published
  • By Kendahl Johnson
  • 377th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
The Air Force announced plans to realign Kirtland's 377th Air Base Wing under the Air Force Global Strike Command, and to restructure the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

This is part of an effort to improve the effectiveness of and support for the Air Force's nuclear enterprise, according to officials. There will be no economic impact to the community due to the restructure or realignment.

Col. Tom Miller, 377th Air Base Wing commander, said the transition will be transparent and base activities and employment levels at Kirtland will be unchanged.

"The 377 Air Base Wing will continue to provide consistent level of services and support to mission partners as it transitions to its new MAJCOM," Miller said. "While our reporting relationship is changing, our commitment to support will not."

There will be only minor changes within the 377th ABW, and the changes will not result in new missions or personnel for the wing.

Mission partners will receive the same level of support they received while the wing was aligned to Air Force Materiel Command. Off-base partners will also receive the same support and work with the same people and keep the same agreements.

"Our relationships will not change," Miller said.

Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center to be restructured

The AFNWC will reorganize into three directorates: the Air Delivered Capabilities Directorate, the Nuclear Technical and Interagency Directorate and the ICBM Systems Directorate. The Air Delivered Capabilities Directorate will center on a system program office executing acquisition and sustainment activities for gravity and cruise missile air delivered capabilities such as the B-61 and Air Launch Cruise Missile. The second new directorate will focus on interagency relationships and activities, unique to the nuclear enterprise that supports the warfighter. The ICBM Systems Directorate, located at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, will be unchanged.

The primary reason for restructuring is to better align the AFNWC's responsibilities with the organizations best suited to offer support. There will be no gain or loss of missions or employees, and the AFNWC will continue to provide the same service to its on- and off-base partners.

"Bringing acquisition and product support together in this way will ultimately provide a higher level and more efficient support to the warfighter," said Brig. Gen. Daryl Hauck, the current program executive officer for strategic systems.

Two leadership positions -- the AFNWC commander and the Air Force program executive office for strategic systems -- will be combined into one position filled by a major general.

The AFNWC will continue to report to Air Force Materiel Command, but some of its operational and support missions will be realigned under the Air Force Global Strike Command, including the 377th ABW, Sustainment and Technical Integration Center and the Service Logistics Agents.

"AFNWC remains committed to nuclear deterrence. The internal reorganization of AFNWC will allow us to provide better support to the warfighter by internally creating clear lines of authority for the land and air delivered portions of our mission," said Maj. Gen. Sandra Finan, AFNWC commander.   

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