AFMC, AFGE Council 214 sign updated telework MOA

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command signed an updated memorandum of agreement with the American Federation of Government Employees Council 214, Dec. 7, furthering efforts to normalize telework across the enterprise.

The MOA impacts AFGE Council 214 Bargaining Unit Employees and implements the Department of the Air Force Telework Guidance Memorandum (DoDI 1035.01_DAFI 36-816, Telework Program), released on May 19, 2021.

“This was a big milestone in our efforts to further normalize telework across AFMC,” said David K. Behrendt, Jr., AFMC Employee Relations Specialist and Telework Program Lead. “This memo is the first formal update to telework and remote work guidance since 2018 and provides specific implementation guidance impacting a large portion of our workforce.”

Among key changes identified in the updated MOA include:

--Authorization of Physical Fitness Time for individuals on a Telework/Remote Work agreement, with supervisor approval

--Approval of full-time and remote work agreements at the center director-level

--Clarification that telework may not be used as a substitute for dependent care or elder care, however employees and managers may mutually agree to meet a situational (ad hoc) need

--Workspace sharing or “hoteling” to be addressed in each individual’s agreement, subject to the specifics of individual organizations

--Timelines for agreement approvals: telework and remote work agreements must normally be approved or disapproved within 10 workdays and no later than 14 workdays after being submitted for consideration

--Identification of timelines for employees required to physically return to a worksite, with the time allotted to report indicated in the agreement and not be less than 24 hours

The MOA also provides guidance on government equipment use during telework, adverse weather reporting requirements, performance issues, support and more. The agreement also stipulates AFMC management reporting requirements, to include the number of positions eligible for telework along with how many individuals partake in the program on a situational versus regular or recurring basis.

“We continue to work closely with the AFGE representatives to implement telework policy on a fair and consistent basis across AFMC. This MOA is a significant step in our continued efforts to ensure our employees are provided with accurate guidance and fair policy as we continue to embrace telework privileges across the command,” said Behrendt.

View the complete MOA at: 2021 Memorandum of Agreement.

The link to the internal Telework/Remote Work SharePoint site is: